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K.C. Gott

Intuitive | Teacher | Yogi | Coach


My story is much like yours, not a linear journey or creation, rather a spiral dance that brings me back to learning the same lessons at deeper levels and healing the core of myself.

I became a coach because I was looking for information on how to heal my body after years of running on overload. I got to overload because I went back to college to get my bachelor’s degree then my master’s while mothering two active boys and partnering with a man who was as busy as I was. I went back to college as a 30-something because my mom died suddenly and it “evicted me from my life” as Glennon Doyle puts it. I was close to my mom because she loved me deeply and without judgement. I tell people now that I could have been an ax murderer and Momma would have loved me anyway.

I’m a long way from being an ax murderer but I am still searching to feel for myself the kind of love I felt from my mom. I find I get closer each and every day. I am more accepting and willing to love myself because of the internal work I do and through my work with others.

I invite you to connect with me. I encourage you to contact me. I hope you’ll schedule an introductory session with me. But, most of all, I wish for you to feel the kind of unwavering, radical, holistic, and all-encompassing kind of love for yourself that I felt from my mom.



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